PrintrBot Website Review & Ratings + PrintrBot Coupons
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PrintrBot Website Review & Ratings + PrintrBot Coupons

PrintrBot: Products & Services

PrintrBot sells several 3D printer kits and assembled models. They also sell 3D printing supplies such as plastic filament in 1kg spools, 3D printing books and parts for their 3D printers. PrintrBot sells the following:

  • PrintrBot assembled 3D printers.
  • PrintrBot 3D printer kits.
  • Hot ends
  • PLA plastic filament in 3mm and 1.75mm sizes.
  • ABS plastic 3mm filament in 10 different colors.
  • Accessories for the PrintrBot 3D printers.
  • T-shirts.
PrintrBot: Company Background

PrintrBot was founded by Brook Drumm and funded through Kickstarter in 2011. Mr. Drumm originally asked for $25,000 in funding and eventually received $830,827, the most funded technological project ever by Kickstarter. His idea was to create a 3D printer that even a child could put together and that is how the PrintrBot 3D printers came about. The company is located in Lincoln, CA. and you can contact them through their various contact pages.

PrintrBot: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Some PrintrBot customer comments are about how hard it was for them to put the kits together and some parts were damaged. Other customers were not as frustrated. With some of the complaints about putting the kits together, it might be best for most of us to buy the assembled printers. Here are a couple of comments from the printrBot forum.

  • So I have been getting more and more happy with my Printrbot Jr, but it's not what I'd call an excellent printer right out of the box. My latest alteration: I swapped out my PCB/Kapton bed for glass to ensure proper first layer clearance all across the print area. This is after adding the fan option, GT2 belts with aluminum pulleys, Shapeways alumide extruder gears, and other minor adjustments. I am getting good single-wall prints and smooth extrusion. Tonight I revisited the famous Thingiverse Nautilus Gear set and was able to snap all four pieces together with no X-Acto knife work on the gears at all. (I did cut off brim from the bar pieces.) My previous run took a lot of work to get together and turn…”
  • After doing the cube gear print I felt like doing another challenging but fun print I could have on my desk to show people. I settled on the differential gear system on thingivers. I wouldn't recommend this as your first or even second print. Not only are there a lot of different parts (and it uses a lot of plastic), there are small parts like the shafts that in my case was helped by dropping the resolution to .2mm layers. Having good cooling really helped with this one. Even with good calibration, I still found I needed to clean parts up a bit--particularly the wheels on each side--so everything would fit. In my case I used three different colors of PLA so I could better highlight.”
PrintrBot: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

I could not find a Better Business File Bureau on PrintrBot. There are numerous articles about both Brook Drumm and PrintrBot 3D printers. Make Magazine called them the best entry level 3D printer. They have appeared in the following magazines:

Their web site does now show any actual awards or certificates. 

PrintrBot: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

PrintrBot has the following internet rankings.

  • shows PrintrBot with a traffic ranking of #84,590 in the United States and a worldwide traffic ranking of #165,347 with a reputation number (sites linking in) of 474. Their audience is primarily males between the ages of 18 to 45 who browse mainly from work.
  • Their Google Page Rank is 5 out of 10.
  • shows them with an internet rank of 70,414.
PrintrBot: Social Media Presence

You can follow PrintrBot on their social media pages.

  • You can go to their YouTube and watch one of the many videos they have about assembling the PrintrBot, actual build videos and more.
  • They are also on Flickr with 472 photos of their products and much more.
  • You can follow them on Twitter @printrbot with interesting tweets about what the company is working on next, new upgrades and more.
PrintrBot: Website Security & Safety

PrintrBot has taken the following measures to ensure a safe transaction at their checkout.

  • According to the Google Safe Browsing Tool, they are not listed as a suspicious website. Of the 9 pages Google tested over the last 90 days, 0 pages resulted in malicious files or software being downloaded or installed.
  • PrintrBot used the https secure internet connection at their checkout.
PrintrBot: Pricing & Packages

PrintrBot sells the following 3D printers, all models come with a fan mount and a fan plus ½ pound of filament.

Assembled Printers:

PrintrBot Jr.

  • You can choose between a 1.75mm Ubis hot end or a 3mm Ubis hot end.
  • Only uses PLA plastic and does not come with a heated platform.
  • Has a 4” x 4” x 4” build volume.
  • Weighs only 6.3 pounds without the power supply and can be folded.
  • The cost is $499.

PrintrBot LC (v2)

  • You can choose between a 1.75mm Ubis hot end or a 3mm Ubis hot end.
  • 6x6 heated bed.
  • The cost is $799.

PrintrBot Plus (v2)

  • You can choose between a 1.75mm Ubis hot end or a 3mm Ubis hot end.
  • 8x8 heated bed.
  • The cost is $999.

PrintrBot 3D printer kits:

PrintrBot Jr. with 1.75mm Ubis hot end

  • PLA only.
  • The build volume is 4.5” x 5.5” x 4” or 99 cubic inches.
  • The cost is $399.

PrintrBot LC (v2)

  • 6x6 heated bed.
  • You can choose between a 1.75mm Ubis hot end or a 3mm Ubis hot end.
  • Fan mount fan.
  • The cost is $649.

PrintrBot Plus (v2)

  • You can choose between a 1.75mm Ubis hot end or a 3mm Ubis hot end.
  • 8x8 heated bed.
  • The cost is $799.
PrintrBot: Shipping Rates & Policies

PrintrBot shipping rates are calculated at the checkout based on the weight of your package, distance and the shipping method you choose. They only ship via the only USPS and offer the following methods in the US.

  • First class must weight under 13 oz. takes 2-4 business days.
  • Standard Post or Parcel Post takes 4-10 days.
  • Priority Mail takes 2-4 days.

PrintrBot also ships to every country except to Russia. 

PrintrBot: Payment Methods Accepted

PrintrBot accepts the following credit cards for payment:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover Card
  • American Express Card

You can also pay with PayPal or Dwolla. They make no mention of being able to pay using a personal check or money order. They also make no mention of being able to finance a 3D printer using BillMeLater. 

PrintrBot: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

PrintrBot will accept the return of any PrintrBot, kit or assembled within 30 days of the date of delivery. You can return your PrintrBot for any reason within the 30 day period. After this 30 day period, all sales are final no returns will be accepted. Returns are charged a 20% restocking fee and the customer is responsible for shipping charges. They have a different policy for dealers. For more information, you can read their Return Page

PrintrBot: Product images & screenshots
PrintrBot Coupons
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